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ASP.NET Programming

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ASP.NET Web Forms Programming for Experienced C# Programmers

Duration: 3 Days

Price: $1595

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Students Will Learn:

  • Creating ASP.NET form-based applications
  • Using HTML server controls, Web controls and validation controls on a Web page
  • Building and using user controls
  • Creating and attaching CSS files using Visual Studio
  • Creating event handlers to respond to control events
  • Building master pages
  • Managing state in a Web application
  • Accessing databases using ADO.NET and displaying data on Web pages
  • Using DataSet to work with XML data
  • Implementing authentication and authorization on ASP.NET pages
  • Deploying a Web application

Microsoft Certified PartnerCourse Description: This course provides students with hands on experience using Visual Studio to create dynamic web sites with the ASP.NET Framework using C#. Students learn how to leverage the power of the .NET Framework to build web user interfaces. Students will learn how to build ASP.NET Web Form applications and work with a variety of ASP.NET controls, including validation controls and user controls. Students explore why state management is difficult within web sites and learn many different ASP.NET techniques for managing state, including application, session and view state objects.

Students also learn how to use ADO.NET to interact with databases and XML files. Students learn how ASP.NET uses data binding to display data in controls such as the GridView and ListView.

Other topics include: using a Web.config file to control application configuration; using master pages to provide a consistent look and feel to a web site; working with cookies; reading and writing files; and deploying ASP.NET applications. Comprehensive labs provide the students with extensive experience creating and deploying dynamic ASP.NET Web Form sites.

This course provides thorough coverage of the use of Web Forms for web sites. Students requiring additional coverage of ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation should contact HOTT or refer to HOTT's complete course listing for additional training courses.

Students unfamiliar with the C# language should take the 5-day ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms Programming Using C# course instead.

Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of fundamental HTML syntax is helpful, but not required. Prior experience with C# is required.

Follow-up Courses: Advanced .NET Framework Programming Using C#, Test Driven Development (TDD), and Refactoring Legacy Code Using C#

Overview of ASP.NET
  • Overview of ASP.NET
  • Client-Side vs. Server-Side Code Execution
  • Understanding the ASP.NET HTTP Pipeline
  • Working with HTML and HTML5
  • Understanding ASP.NET Application Folders
  • Using Web.config
Creating ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Building ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Using Page Directives
  • Working with the Code-Behind Model
  • Understanding the Life-cycle of a Web Form
  • Handling Page Events
Using Controls
  • Working with Web Controls
  • Using Text- and Button-Based Controls
  • Using List Controls
  • Examining Other Web Server Controls
  • Defining and Using User Controls
Handling Events
  • Writing Event Handlers
  • Sharing Event Handlers
  • Understanding PostBack versus Non-PostBack Events
  • Using Global.asax
  • Understanding Validation Controls
  • Performing Client-Side Validation
  • Performing Server-Side Validation
  • Using the Required Field Validator
  • Using the Comparison and Range Validators
  • Using the Regular Expression Validator
  • Customizing Validation
  • Working with Validation Groups
  • Unobtrusive Validation
Master Pages
  • Understanding the Master Page Architecture
  • Designing a Master Page
  • Designing Content Pages
Maintaining State
  • Maintaining State within ASP.NET Applications
  • Using the Application Object
  • Using the Session Object
  • Using the ViewState Object
  • Reading and Writing Cookies
  • Using the Query String
  • Understanding the ADO.NET Object Model
  • Connected vs. Disconnected Access
  • Using a Connection to Connect to a Data Source
  • Using a Command to Execute Queries and Stored Procedures
  • Using a DataReader to Work with Cursors
  • Using the DataSet with Disconnected Data
  • Using DataAdapters with DataSets
Using XML
  • Understanding XML and XML Schemas
  • Reading XML Data with a DataSet
  • Writing XML Data with a DataSet
Data Binding
  • Understanding ASP.NET Data Binding
  • Examining ASP.NET Data Bound Controls
  • Using the ListBox Control
  • Using the GridView Control
  • Using the ListView Control
  • Using the DetailsView Control
Securing ASP.NET Applications
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Security Model
  • Authenticating Users
  • Authorizing User Requests
  • Using the Login Controls
  • Using the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool
Deploying ASP.NET Applications
  • Understanding Deployment Issues
  • Configuring an ASP.NET Application for Deployment
  • Using XCOPY Deployment
  • Using Visual Studio to Deploy a Web Application
  • Course materials include student guide, hands-on lab manual and USB flash drive for examples and lab work
  • Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of class
  • Students can retake any portion of a class that has been completed, within 12 months at no extra cost
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees

Material was well prepared, concepts were well taught throughout the course and enforced with in-depth discussion and lab. One of the better taught technical classes taken."
— A.M, New Mexico Department of Labor

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