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Microsoft Azure

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Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Duration: 4 Days

Price: $2295

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Delivery Options: Attend face-to-face in the classroom or remote-live attendance.

Students Will Learn

  • Comparing the services available in the Azure platform
  • Configuring and deploying Web applications
  • Creating Azure Web Apps from the gallery
  • Deploying and monitoring Azure Web Apps
  • Creating and configuring Azure Virtual Machines
  • Creating and managing a storage account
  • Managing blobs and containers in a storage account
  • Creating, configuring and connecting to a SQL Databases instance
  • Identify the implications of importing a SQL standalone database
  • Managing users, groups and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance
  • Creating a virtual network
  • Implementing a point-to-site network

Course Description

This course is intended for students who have experience building ASP.NET and C# applications. Students will also have experience with the Microsoft Azure platform and a basic understanding of the services offered. This course offers students the opportunity to take an existing ASP.NET MVC application and expand its functionality as part of moving it to Azure. This course focuses on the considerations necessary when building a highly available solution in the cloud.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of the ASP.NET Web Forms Programming Using C# or equivalent experience. Students should also have a basic understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Course Overview

Overview of the Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Overview of Azure Services
  • Overview of Azure Portals
Building Application Infrastructure in Azure
  • Constructing Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Migrating Azure Virtual Machine Instances
  • Highly Available Azure Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Configuration Management
  • Customizing Azure Virtual Machine Networking
Hosting Web Applications on the Azure Platform
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Hosting Web Applications in Azure
  • Configuring an Azure Web App
  • Publishing an Azure Web App
Storing SQL Data in Azure
  • Storing SQL Data in Azure
  • Managing SQL Databases in Azure
  • Azure SQL Database Tools
  • Securing and Recovering an Azure SQL Database Instance
Designing Cloud Applications for Resiliency
  • Application Design Practices for Highly Available Applications
  • Application Analytics
  • Building High Performance Applications by Using ASP.NET
  • Common Cloud Application Patterns
  • Caching Application Data
Storing Tabular Data in Azure
  • Azure Storage Overview
  • Azure Storage Tables Overview
  • Table Entity Transactions
Storing and Consuming Files from Azure Storage
  • Storage Blobs
  • Controlling Access to Storage Blobs and Containers
  • Configuring Azure Storage Accounts
  • Azure Files
Designing a Communication Strategy by Using Queues and Service Bus
  • Azure Storage Queues
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Service Bus Queues
  • Azure Service Bus Relay
  • Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs
Automating Integration with Azure Resources
  • Azure SDK Client Libraries
  • Scripting Azure Service Management by Using Windows PowerShell
  • Azure REST Interface
  • Azure Resource Manager
Securing Azure Web Applications
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD Directories
  • Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

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    Course Benefits

    • Course materials include student guide, hands-on lab manual and USB flash drive for examples and lab work
    • Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of class
    • Students can retake any portion of a class that has been completed, within 12 months at no extra cost
    • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees


    I took the class remotely and I couldn't be more pleased with the overall experience. The lab equipment arrived quickly and had clear instructions for setup. I've taken several similar classes and workshops and this has been the best experience I've had.
    — D.R., NCFB

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