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SSRS 2008 Training Course

SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services

Duration: 3 Days | Price: $1595 | Class Dates:

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Students Will Learn:

  • Rendering Reports in Multiple Formats
  • Managing Security of Reports and Report Models
  • Automating the Creation and Delivery of Reports
  • Generating Reports
  • Creating Report Models
  • Customizing Reports

Course Description: This course thoroughly covers Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services utility, including the generation and distribution of parameter reports, drill-through reports, matrix reports (pivot tables) and linked reports. It begins with an overview of the Reporting Services architecture, and then presents the procedures for creating reports of all types. The course also covers how to create Report Models, which allow end users to create their own ad-hoc reports. The security model of Reporting Services is reviewed, as well as how to schedule the automatic generation and distribution of reports. Finally, writing code to fully customize reports and their generation is discussed.

Students who are also interested in other Business Intelligence Services including Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services (SSAS) along with Reporting Services should take the 5-day SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Application Development (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS) course instead of this course.

Course Prerequisites: Familiarity with database concepts, Windows desktop navigation and software installation techniques. Attendance at HOTT's SQL Programming course or Microsoft Transact-SQL Programming course is highly recommended although not required.

SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Course Overview:

Reporting Services Architecture
  • Report Server Components Defined
  • Review of the Report Server Databases
  • Reporting Services Web Service Interface
  • Report Lifecycle Step by Step
Creating Basic Reports
  • Creating Table Reports
  • Formatting Options
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Using Subtotals and Formulas
  • Using Charts
  • Working with Lists
  • Paging and Sorting
  • Managing Data Sources
  • Using Gauges
Advanced Report Features
  • Creating Parameter Reports
  • Using Cascading and Multi-Select Parameters
  • Drill-through Reports
  • Linked Reports and Subreports
  • Adding Report Maps
  • Setting Report Links
Matrix Reports
  • Creating Matrix Reports
  • Adding Data Regions
  • Grouping and Sorting on Columns
  • Adding Subtotals to Matrix Reports
  • Using Tablix Regions
Implementing Report Models
  • Creating Report Models
  • Adding Subtotals and Formulas
  • Managing Data Sources
  • Publishing Report Models
Report Builder Utility
  • Accessing Report Models
  • Using the Report Builder
  • Filtering Data
  • Adding Expressions
  • Building a Chart Report
  • Using Report Builder 2.0 in SQL Server 2008
Reporting Services Security
  • Setting up Folders for Users
  • Setting Permissions
  • Creating Custom Security Roles
  • Securing Report Models
Automating Report Creation and Delivery
  • Creating Snapshot Reports
  • Storing Report Histories
  • Using Report Caching
  • Creating Report Subscriptions
  • Rending Reports in Excel, XML or PDF
  • Rendering Reports as Word Documents
Adding Custom Code
  • Querying the Report Server
  • Creating Custom Data Extensions
  • Creating Command Objects
  • Creating Data Reader Objects
  • Generating Report Definition Language
.NET Integration with Reporting Services
  • Writing User-Defined Functions
  • Report Functions
  • Using Custom Functions
  • Referencing .NET Libraries
  • Creating and Building Libraries
  • Managing Report Servers from .NET Applications
    • Accessing SSRS from .NET Applications
    • Retrieving Report Items
    • Listing Report Metadata
  • Using the ReportViewer Control in .NET Applications

Student Testimonials

"This was a well organized course and well taught. I learned exactly what I need to begin using SSRS. This was a great course and I would highly recommend it."
– M.P., Hiawatha Behavioral Health

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