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HTML Training Course

Web Site Development with HTML/JavaScript

Duration: 5 days | Price: $2595 *California residents call for pricing. | Class Dates:

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Students Will Learn:

  • XHTML Fundamentals
  • Developing and Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Building Forms and Tables
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • Form Validation
  • Scripting CSS
  • Event Handling

Course Description: This hands on Web programming class provides a thorough introduction to implementing a full-featured Web site on the Internet or corporate Intranet, including implementation of dynamic content using JavaScript and related tools. Starting with thorough coverage of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the course progresses to the implementation of dynamic client-side content using JavaScript. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.

Students who already have an understanding of HTML and CSS should register for the 3-day course JavaScript Programming.

Course Prerequisites: Basic personal computer skills and basic Internet knowledge.

Follow-up Courses: Developing Rich Internet Applications Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, PHP Programming

Web Site Development with HTML/JavaScript Course Overview:

XHTML Fundamentals
  • Understanding <DOCTYPE>
  • Creating Valid XHTML Documents
  • Using Block and Text-Level Tags
  • XHTML Tag Attributes
    • class, id, style
  • Creating Effective <title> tags
Creating and Managing Styles
  • Overview of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Creating CSS Rules
  • Defining Type Selectors
  • Defining Class and ID Selectors
  • Pseudo-Classes and Elements
  • Linking to External Style Sheets
  • Embedded Style Sheets
Constructing Forms
  • <form> Tags and Attributes
  • Single-line and Multi-line Text Fields
  • Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
  • Dropdown and Selection Lists
  • Submit and Reset Buttons
  • Using CSS to Style a Form
  • Adding Tables to a Page
  • Working with <table>, <tr>, <td>, <th> and <caption> Elements
  • Table Attributes
  • Creating Nested Tables
  • Using CSS to Style a Table
  • Types of Lists
    • Ordered Lists
    • Unordered Lists
    • Definition Lists
  • Creating List Items Using the <li> Tag
  • Creating Nested Lists
  • Using CSS to Style a List


Using Graphics and Links
  • Displaying Images on a Web Page
  • Adding hyperlinks to a Page
  • Creating Email Links
  • Creating Anchors on a Page
  • Working with Client-Side Image Maps
Introduction to Client-Side JavaScript
  • Embedding JavaScript in an XHTML Document
  • Evolution of the JavaScript Language
  • JavaScript Versions and Browser Support
Statements and Operators
  • Variable Declarations
  • Assignment Operators and Statements
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • String Operators
  • Conditional Operators
  • Operator Precedence
DOM/CSS Scripting
  • Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Using the getElementById method
  • Modifying Page Content with the DOM
  • Manipulating CSS using JavaScript
  • Programmatic Access to CSS
Implementing Functions
  • Defining Functions
  • Invoking Functions
  • Named and Anonymous Functions
  • Passing Arguments
  • Local vs. Global Variables
  • Using the return Statement
Implementing Control Constructs
  • Introduction to Conditional and Looping Constructs
  • The if else Statements
  • The do while Statements
  • The for in Statements
  • The switch Statement
JavaScript Objects
  • The JavaScript Browser Object Model
  • JavaScript Object Properties
  • Object Methods
  • The this Keyword
  • Creating New Object Instances Using Constructor Functions
  • String, Date and Array Objects
Including JavaScript in a Page
  • Inline JavaScript
  • Linking Web Pages to External JavaScript Files
  • Embedding JavaScript Using <script> Tags
  • <noscript> Tags
Implementing Arrays
  • Using Arrays in JavaScript
  • Predefined JavaScript Object Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Reading and Writing to an Array
  • Common Array Methods
Common Applications
  • Form Validation and Testing
  • Working with Regular Expressions
  • User Interaction
  • Local Form Processing
  • Object Detection
  • Creating New Windows
  • Adding Content to a Window
  • Rollover Images
Event Handling
  • The W3C and Internet Explorer Event Models
  • The Event Object
  • Registering JavaScript Events
  • Inline Event Handlers
  • Processing Keyboard and Mouse Events

Student Testimonials

"This was a great workshop. HOTT was very accommodating with my travel necessities. Very impressive. I am sincerely looking forward to my next workshop (PHP) in a couple of weeks."
– K.M., Medtexx Medical Corporation

"Instructor was highly knowledgeable. Handouts were excellent! Course exceeded expectations."
– M.H., United States Air Force - Cryptologic Systems Group

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