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10 Questions You Must Ask to Ensure Your Training Will Be Excellent, Successful, and Build Competence – Every Time

10 Questions You Must Ask to Ensure Your Training Will Be Excellent, Successful, and Build Competence – Every Time

1. Does the training emphasize facilitated hands on practice?

Hands on practice, facilitated by an expert instructor, is the only way to assure competence and retention of skills. Training structured to spend less than 50% of the time engaged in hands on practice will likely be ineffective in building competence.

2. Do they own their courseware?

You should be leery of providers who don't create their own courseware. Off-the-shelf courseware cannot provide the same emphasis on comprehensive hands on exercises which is key to learning and retention of complex topics. Ownership of our courseware allows us to continually upgrade the content, using both instructor and student feedback regarding what works best.

3. What is the source of your instructors?

If all of the instructors are consultants, watch out. You are dealing with a virtual training company. A Virtual training company has no instructional staff and owns no courseware. It is a marketing company that makes money by selling training. When a sale is made, an instructor broker is contacted to provide an instructor, usually with pay rate and geography the deciding factors, and courseware is provided by the instructor or leased from a courseware leasing company.

4. Are the instructors experienced and cross-trained or are they newly certified in just one area?

HOTT's instructors are experienced professionals, cross-trained in several technologies. They can relate the strengths and weaknesses of products and present alternative solution strategies when they are warranted. Only a tiny fraction of all instructors teaching for our competitors who apply to teach for us meet our strict standards and are considered qualified to teach for HOTT.

5. What is the size of your public classes?

Large classes assure some students will not receive an excellent training experience. HOTT's open-enrollment classes are kept small, generally 8-12 students, and usually never more than 16, assuring each student gets personal attention.

6. Is the training provider flexible when it comes to scheduling or switching study tracks?

HOTT offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. We offer both on site and open enrollment solutions to minimize your cost and maximize your convenience. Our on site training manager will coordinate with you and your technical staff to arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct the on site training class. At HOTT there are no penalties for rescheduling or switching study tracks. You are in control of when, where, and what you study.

7. Is there a competency guarantee to ensure quality?

HOTT assures competency, cost effectiveness, and overall success. If we fail, you get your money back – it's that simple. Every student who completes our classes will be competent in the technologies taught and able to put their knowledge to use in real workplace situations the moment they walk out the door. If not, we will retrain at no charge or provide a refund.

No one else in the industry offers guarantees as strong as these.

8. If a student fails a certification exam or simply feels they need additional preparation, does the training center allow them to take the class again at no charge?

HOTT strives to make every student comfortable within their newly learned skill-set. If a student is not, they have the option to retake all or part of the course again for no additional charge. If a student lacks confidence we will work with them to develop the understanding that leads to confidence as well as competence.

9. How much can travel expenses be minimized?

HOTT minimizes your travel expenses in several ways. We schedule classes at regular intervals across the United States so there should be a class near you. If your local class cancels and you'd prefer not to wait for the next one, we'll pay your hotel expenses at an alternate location. For students who are not near a metro area with scheduled classes, HOTT also offers fixed-price packages covering air and/or hotel. For students unable to travel, HOTT offers Remote Attendance capability with full duplex video and audio so the experience is as close to sitting in the live classroom as possible. HOTT also provides lab equipment with instructor remote access/control capability so that facilitation can be as timely and effective as for students physically in the classroom.

HOTT offers on site training as a cost-effective alternative for larger groups. However, if your IT staff is distributed in multiple locations it may be more convenient and cost effective for some of them to attend our public classes. There is a 10% discount for 3 or 4 students attending the same class on the same date, 15% for 5 or more. Students can change their registrations at any time without penalty. There are multi-course tracks available in a variety of locations, so students can take a single week of training and then wait to take the rest.

10. What is the total cost per student week of training? In addition to tuition, are there hidden fees, charges or other expenses?

HOTT has no registration fees, cancellation fees, or any other fees other than tuition. HOTT's prices are among the lowest in the industry for instructor-led training. When deciding on a training provider, you want to compare total costs including tuition, travel, and time away from work. HOTT concentrates on efficiency through condensed training. We take less time to teach you the skills you need to be effective on the job. Our training effectiveness, multiple locations, and reasonable tuition combined, provide you the best overall value.

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